1st Anniversary of Life Celebration

21 Jun

Hello My CampoCaro Family!
The end of this month will mark a year since my life changed completely. It also marks a year since your hearts embraced me and my journey to recovery.
Although these last 12 months were filled with what seemed insurmountable obstacles, I was able to manage climbing them with all of your encouraging words, positive energy and love.
Recovery is never over and everyday there is therapy to complete. I continue to give all I can to get this new body stronger. You can count on me to give my all toward my recovery efforts, and with the right therapy equipment I can help maximize my body’s potential.
This time I get to be at the party with you! We can celebrate together and I can thank you in person for all you’ve done and continue to do.
Please come celebrate with me in the Ballroom of The Chastelton on Tuesday evening, July 2nd.

1701 16th Street NW, Washington, DC.

6:30-9:30 PMCampoCaroBracelet Carolina Invite_070213

Much love,


Carolina in the news and key note speaker

21 Jun

One week from tomorrow will be one year.  One year from when our beloved Carolina was almost taken away from us.  One year from when her life was forever changed.  One year from when we learned how precious life is, and to truly know and embrace thankfulness, hope, and perseverance in a whole new way.

Although there have been many ups and downs over these past months, we have all learned the meaning of triumph, because that it exactly what Carolina has been doing every day that she gets up, working hard to move one step closer towards recovery.

Last week Carolina was the key note speaker for the organization that she has served as a board member on, Latinas Leading Tomorrow. Despite all that has happened to Caro, she constantly looks to see how she can serve, what she can do for others.  This is why we love her.  This is why she is a phenomenal woman.

NBC 4 later interviewed Carolina in follow up to this event.  Check out the news story here:

Press: (Video): NBC4 : 18 June 2013 

Carolina as Key Note Speaker for Latinas Leading Tomorrow conference

Carolina as Key Note Speaker for Latinas Leading Tomorrow conference


George Washington University Hospital Reunion

19 Nov 546984_10151253941998189_606512217_n

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Today Carolina visited George Washington University Hospital where she was recognized as one of their top “trauma miracle patients.” This was the first time that Carolina was reunited with the trauma medical staff that treated her while she was at GW for about a month. It was so touching to see what an impact she still had on the staff, and how glad they were to see her mobile in her wheelchair. This has been a long road of recovery, but we are continue in awe of Carolina’s amazing attitude and will to heal and be a voice of hope and inspiration.
Way to go, Carolina!

Be sure to check out our events page where Carolina’s company, CBIZ, will be hosting a fundraiser for her next Wednesday, November 28!  We hope to see you there!

Welcome to CampoCaro!

3 Jul

Let’s raise some love for our Carolina Alcalde! As part of the storm this past weekend in the Washington, DC area, our very good friend Carolina Alcalde was in a tragic accident. She was struck by a falling tree that has left her paralyzed from the midsection down with a severed spinal cord, five broken ribs, a fractured shoulder blade and trauma to her lungs.

Statistics of Living with Spinal Cord Injury:
# Average yearly expenses can range from $228,566 to $775,567 in the FIRST year.
# Estimated lifetime costs due to spinal cord injury can range from $681,843 to over $3 million for a 25 year old.

She and her family need our support and any amount you can give will be a tremendous help! Using your bank account instead of a credit card will save the camp a large processing fee. Any amount will help. It truly will. We are rallying for as much press as we can to help assist her family with medical bills and relocation to Washington, DC.

Make a donation! https://www.wepay.com/donations/camp-carolina
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CampoCaro
Tweet about it: #campocaro

Who is Carolina Alcalde?
She is a wonderful and strong person that has more love and warmth than most anyone you’ll ever meet. Carolina was born in Peru, raised in Indiana, and is a long-time Washington, DC resident. She is an office manager at CBIZ, a national consulting firm, and an avid motorcyclist, member of the Latin American Motorcycle Organization. She is the Treasurer for Latinas Leading Tomorrow, a national program for young Latinas based in Arlington, VA. Carolina is also actively involved in the LGBT business community and serves on the NGLCC National Certification Committee. Always giving of her time, her love, and her wonderful warm spirit, Carolina is a rock to many and an all around incredible person.

Additional questions, or like to support in other ways? Please contact us at teamcampocaro@gmail.com

Thank you for your committed love and support!



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